Leading SS pipe supplier for a wide range of industries

For decades CSM Tube has been doing business in different industry sectors holding leading position among stainless steel tube suppliers. Complete range of application of stainless steel pipes made by CSM Tube the leader among stainless steel tube suppliers. Our company supplies top-quality stainless steel pipes to the special set of industries including automotive, energy sector, food and beverage, construction, oil and gas, power generation, chemical industry and future development.

We focus on a defined set of equipment and industries remaining a leading stainless pipe supplier for manufacturing of heat exchangers, heating elements, electric water heating devices and heating appliances. We provide stainless steel pipe used for heating, cooling and venting in many industries like food and beverage.

Renewable energy and future development sector are two of definitive applications of stainless steel pipes: we supply wide range of coiled pipes, collectors including headers and connecting elements. For automotive sector we provide high quality stainless steel pipe used in modern vehicles.

We remain among leading stainless steel tube suppliers developing effective collaboration with major producers of steel products for niche markets.

Global Presence