Technical specifications

CSM Tube can manufacture stainless steel tubing to the technical specifications and sizes required by clients. Our team have years of experience in delivering the right properties for different applications, along with specific diameters or wall thicknesses.

Customers requiring standard stainless steel tubing can specify diameters and wall thicknesses, maximum camber and the inside weld bead, as well as lengths that suit their needs. Lengths can vary from 300mm to 14,000mm, while diameters range from 4-28mm.

Heat-treated steel tubing is also available. In this case, the standard hardness is 160HV5, although this can be changed on request. If customers need to adhere to the ASTM A-249 welded steel pipes specification, we deliver a standard hardness of 90HRB. Coil lengths can be customised as well, while all heat-treated tubing is pressure tested in accordance with EN 10217-7 standards.

Our piping can be ordered in inox, AISI 300/400 series and high nickel content alloys (800 - 825 – 840 and 600 - 601). In all cases, technical specifications are included to ensure 100\% traceability.



 External diameter

 from 4,00 to 10,00 mm ±0,07
 from 10,01 to 15,00 mm ±0,08
 from 15,01 to 25,00 mm ±0,10



 \% ± 10


 Max Camber

 from Ø 4,0-10,0 1,00 mm/m
 from Ø 10,01-18,0 1,50 mm/m
 from Ø 18,01-25,0 2,00 mm/m


 Inside weld bead

 =<0,10mm from 0,30 to 0,75mm thickness
 =<0,15mm from 0,80 to 1,20mm thickness
 =<0,20mm from 1,25 to 1,50mm thickness



 from mm 300 to 3.300 ±1,00 mm
 from mm 3.301 to 4.300 ±1,50 mm
 from mm 4.301 to 6.000 ±5,00 mm
 from mm 6.000 to 10.000 ±10,00 mm
 from mm 10.001 to 14.000 ±15,00 mm




 160 ± 15 HV5 if not otherwise requested by the customers
 Max 90 HRB if according to the norm ASTM A-249


 For tube in coils

 Length from 100 to 400 m
 if not otherwise requested

 Pressure test in air at 10 Bar for 10 min. or,in conformity with  EN 10217-7 norm, in water at 70 Bar or up to 300 Bar on   request


 Tolerance on external Ø:
 Ø 4,0 - 14,0 ± 0,15 mm
 Ø 14,01 - 25,0 ± 0,20 mm


 All tubes are marked with identification code of producer,

 in addition to diameter, thickness, alloy and specific  production

 information to guarantee that all data about them are traceable





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