Technical Reference Standards & Test on Tubes

CSM Tube operates in compliance with the international standards foreseen for the different types of product and different final uses. CSM Tube can carry out, also, different mechanical operations on customer’s request.


EN10088-2  Row material technical specifications (strip)
EN10217-7  General reference standard for welded stainless steel circular tubes for pressure equipment

PED 97/23/CE  

AD 2000   

  MERKBLATT W2        

 European pressure equipment directive


 German pressure equipment directive

EN 10246-3
DIN 54141

 Process control (Eddy current or Foucault current test) with cutting and automatic selection of tube with possibile surface variations.

 Non destructive test, carried out on the production line

EN ISO 8493

 Diameter expansion test, 30\% minimun, without detecting cracks

 Destructive test, carried out on samples out of the production line

EN ISO 8492

 Back bending test of the welding area

 Destructive test, carried out on samples out of the production line

EN 10204  Metallic materials: types of inspection documents
ASTM A 249/A  Technical reference norm for heat-treated tubes to be used for heat exchangers and boilers



 Specification for seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel pipes