Quality Environmental and Safety Policy

The “Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety”, defined by the CSM TUBE Management, documented and made available to all employees, the public and interested third parties is strongly oriented towards ensuring the reliability and safety of the Quality of its products, preserving and protecting the environment at every stage of the product life cycle, reducing risks to the health and safety of workers and all personnel at CSM TUBE and optimising energy consumption by limiting waste.

Responsibility in the management and implementation of the Integrated Policy concerns the entire company organisation, from the Employer down to each worker, each according to his or her attributions and competences.

CSM TUBE has also adopted a Management and Control Organisational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, which is optional and suitable for preventing the commission of the offences referred to in the model itself, and a Code of Ethics, which expresses the ethical commitments and responsibilities in the conduct of the Company's business and activities.

The Integrated Policy is disseminated through posting on the company notice board and other external communication channels (website, communication to customers, etc.) as well as with updates on its evolution and the main indexes and activities related to it, with constant consultation and participation of workers and their representatives on:

  • updating employees on the progress of company indicators and involvement in goals;
  • knowledge and prevention of safety risks and accident analysis;
  • constant improvement of quality, safety and environmental issues.

In the Safety Policy, the following are considered strategic:

  • operate in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and company procedures;
  • continuously improve the performance and monitoring of the Management System by implementing specific safety programmes, inspections and audits at all levels to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses and keep processes under control to protect workers;
  • require contractors and suppliers to operate with safety standards, under penalty of termination of the collaboration relationship;
  • eliminate hazards and reduce risks that may endanger the health of workers;
  • a feasibility study is planned for 2023 to improve logistics flows by automating manual operations.

The Environment Policy is identified in the following commitments:

  • operate in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and company procedures;
  • strive to develop continuous improvement programmes to achieve ever higher environmental standards with regard to:

o prevention of pollution and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere;
o activation of processes and actions aimed at the “Circular Economy”;
o development of new processes to reduce energy consumption, increase the energy efficiency of plants and consequently the energy and environmental sustainability of its activities;
o reduce the percentage of waste produced in relation to production volumes by sending it for recovery.

The Quality Policy focuses on the following issues:

  • producing quality products by complying with international standards and customer specifications;
  • focus on customers and their needs, in order to provide products that systematically meet their requirements and applicable mandatory requirements;
  • improve business effectiveness and efficiency by reducing scrap through the continuous increase of monitoring and evaluation of quality and productivity data, implementing a process of continuous improvement;
  • manage lean, standardised and innovative processes, where everyone's skills are harnessed and enhanced and where the operator's experience is complemented by technology and innovation;
  • growth and participation of personnel, to operate with motivation, awareness and responsibility in accordance with company directives. Skills growth through continuous training of employees;
  • for 2023 continues the collaboration with the University of Padua to develop more and more plant innovation for new segments and markets in synergy with CSM Machinery.

The Employer
P. Carpanini

Rev. dated 09/02/2023

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