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One of the world's leading stainless steel tube manufacturers, CSM Tube offers a diverse range of products and meets the highest quality standards. Our company is constantly growing and innovating, allowing us to find new ways to meet the demands of our customers.

Quality is central to everything we do as a stainless steel pipe company. From respecting delivery deadlines to checking every component, our attention to detail sets us apart among steel tube manufacturers.

Our focus on quality has helped us create an efficiently organised production system, which can supply large-scale piping orders as well as tailor-made orders for smaller clients. We have also created a sales and support network which stretches from Europe to Asia and South America.

CSM's products have many applications, including: heating elements, tubes for heat exchanges, domestic and industrial boilers, beer and soft drinks coolers, and automotive components. And we continue to expand our portfolio in the spirit of company founder Giorgio Trolese, meeting contemporary needs as they arise while anticipating the needs of the future.

Production processes
CSM's technological processes include the following:
Roll forming of cold-rolled piping using stainless steel or high-nickel alloys to specific diameters, and using techniques such as TIG welding in inert atmospheres or heat treatment (at 1040-1100°C).
Cutting and winding coils to a wide range of specifications.
Up to 300 bar pressure tests for heat-treated tubing, along with other non-destructive tests that are carried out on-line, without interrupting production processes.
Destructive mechanical tests to ensure that weld resistance meets our quality standards. These are carried out cyclically away from the production line.

Quality standards
CSM Tube complies with all international standards regarding the products we manufacture and the final uses of those products.
We can also carry out bespoke mechanical operations upon request.


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