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Holding leading position on the market among stainless steel tube manufacturers, CSM Tube blends diversified portfolio and high quality standards to offer its clients new level of tube production. Our company constantly grows and becomes bolder to respect and satisfy the requirements and demands of its customers, giving them a good reason to choose its products.

The continuous engagement with CSM Machinery, the high quality standards and the respect of the delivery dates are the fundamentals highlighting us on the market of steel tube manufacturers. We achieved the success focusing on correct organization of production, with a competent sales network in all European countries and in countries from South America to Asia. CSM Tube has a significant stock of stainless steel pipe for companies with elevated demands providing also timely supplies also for small quantities.

The possible applications of our tubes are the following: heating elements, tubes for heat exchangers, domestic and industrial boilers, tubes for beer and soft drinks coolers, components for automotive applications. The innovative spirit and the constant search for improvement passed on by the founder, Giorgio Trolese, will continue to develop technological innovation, to create company manufacturing tubes and pipes in line with modern needs, able to anticipate the market evolution in all its peculiarities and modifications.

Technological Process

Roll-forming of cold-rolled strips of stainless steel or alloys with high content of nickel to the required diameter, TIG welding in inert atmosphere, sizing of outside diameter, heat treatment at 1040-1100°C (for heat treated tube).

Cutting, winding in coils and up to 300 bar pressure test for the heat treated tube.

Cutting to length, straightening and sizing or de-burring of the ends are used the other types of tubes.

Heat-treatment and non-destructive tests are carried out on line without interruption.

Destructive mechanical tests to check the resistance of the weld are carried out cyclically out of the line.


CSM Tube operates in compliance with the international standards foreseen for the different types of product and different final uses.

CSM Tube can carry out, also, different mechanical operations on customer’s request.


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