Quality Environmental and Safety Policy

Our Quality Environmental and Safety Policy is revised annually and made visible to all management, staff, business partners and the public who wish to consult it and be informed on our targets and activities.
As an audited document, this policy also serves as a reference and guide for the company. As such it is to be reviewed annually thus ensuring it is a policy in line with the aims and targets we set. Their achievement is continually monitored.

The ways to raise awareness is to hold an annual meeting to inform the employees regarding the company’s aims, to show the policy in the company’s notice board, and other means of communications to inform our business partners and interested parties (company’s web site, communication to customers).

The Environmental Policy is focused on the customer’s satisfaction achieved through the respect of the required standards, the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System and the processes efficiency development. Its aim is to increase the quality level of our product and to find solutions for a better service and costs reduction.

The Production priorities will be:
the reduction of the production scraps through the improvement of the production process, the equipment and tolls organization, the skills and the employees involvement and gratification;
the improvement of the Supplier Quality to continue with the reduction of the production scraps;
keeping a considerable attention to the Customer’s Quality and to the delivery dates flexibility to meet the market demand;
the costs control through the supervision of the raw material consumptions, the manufacturing efficiency, the maintenance costs and the stock levels;
the increase of the cooperation with CSM Machinery, to develop synergies on the customers in common between both, and realize in a short time investments and changes of the installations to satisfy the market demand in terms of costs flexibility, quality and innovation.

The Sales Department aims will be the consolidation of the existing market areas, the development of new markets and products, the research of new customers in the identified countries and to increase the sales profit, according to the agreed budget.
The sales development policy is focused on the South American market, especially in Brazil where we have established a production unit, in North America and above all in the United States where we have carried out significant investments in logistic areas to stock and organize our products.

CSM Tube is strongly committed to guarantee the safeguard of the health safety and environment.
The Environmental Management System, the Working areas Health and Safety System and the company strategy are based on that policy, that is the reference point in every operating decision.
All CSM Employees are aware of being part of a system whose main aim is to carry out this policy. Everyone knows and shares the company aims and is committed to reach them according to the standards ISO14001 and BS-OHSAS 18001.

To reach these goals, the priorities of CSM Tube are:

Satisfaction of the interested parts (share holders, public, employees, market, neighborhood) concerning the compliance with the Health Safety and Environment requirements;

Processes maximization in order to rationalize the energy usage, consider the possibility to rely on the renewable resources use, and processes optimization to reduce waste and scraps. Guarantee the workers safety, carrying on the safety maintenance of the installations and their improvement focusing on the permanent risks reduction;

Respect of Legal regulations and others, continuous improvement, pollution prevention, injuries and occupational diseases prevention. Reduce the effect of our products and procedures towards the human being following the health, safety and environmental rules and improving continuously though the usage of innovative materials, systems and technologies. Constant risk analysis in order to reduce them and prevent injuries and occupational diseases.

Cultural growth creating cooperation among the whole staff to enrich the personal heritage of each one and more in general, to consolidate the company heritage and contribute to the creation of an environmentally and safety friendly awareness. This means also training and raising awareness among the employees to eliminate the dangerous behaviors and carrying out internal audits to monitor the safety rules respect.

Selection of qualified service suppliers, in terms of respect the environmental safety and health rules and share the same company purposes concerning safety and environment;

Communication, find clear means of communication inside the company, as the training for safety, health and environment.


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