CSM TUBE was founded in 1983, starting from a single production line for electro welded stainless steel tubes with small diameters and wall thickness, with a yearly production of 2,5 million meters in three different diameters (7,50 - 9,50 - 10,00 mm).

Today production capacity is 50 million meters per year, 60 different tube diameters ranging from 4,00 to 28,00 mm and wall thickness ranging from 0,30 to 1,50 mm. In addition to a wider range of diameters and wall thickness, since 2000, CSM TUBE can also supply bright heat-treated tubes in controlled atmosphere, either in coils or straight and cut to length up to 20 meters.

CSM TUBE produces in compliance with the international standards foreseen for the different types of product and different applications. Up to 300 bar pressure testing is carried out on 100% of the heat-treated tubes supplied in coils. Alloys normally used range from austenitic, AISI 300 series, to refractory high nickel content alloys (alloy 800 - 825 - 840, alloy 600 - 601). Actually CSM TUBE works in a facilities of 14.000 square meters. This growth could be achieved thanks to the quality of the supplied products, service, competitiveness and continuous technological innovation that CSM TUBE has been able to guarantee.

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