Leader among stainless tube manufacturers

Blends diversified portfolio and high quality standards we hold leading position among stainless tube manufacturers. CSM Tube has been successfully engaged in production of stainless steel tubes from 1983 each year becoming bolder and setting new standards in the industry. We participated in making pipe industry one of the largest in the world. Our manufacturing potential supports a number of key sectors of local and global economy.

Particular operational conditions determine strict requirements to quality of materials, composition and mechanical qualities of tubes in various industries. CSM Tube pays particular attention to quality and performance in production of stainless steel tubes for the special set of industries including automotive, energy sector, food and beverage, construction, oil and gas, power generation, chemical industry and future development. We remain leading stainless tube manufacturer for production of heat exchangers, heating elements, heating devices and appliances. We use only high-quality steel that complies with highest standards for the production of stainless steel tubes.

Manufacturing high-quality and secure tubes made CSM Tube one of the key tube suppliers in Italy and abroad introducing the company to international markets as a reliable business partner setting highest standards in the industry. We will continue to develop cutting edge technologies and increase production of stainless steel tubes, maintaining reliability and confidence in Made in Italy quality.

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